Curriculum Overview (Preschool/Dayschool/Kindergarten) - KPC Day School

Preschool and Kindergarten curriculum


The structured time at our center is during the preschool/kindergarten hours. The KPC Dayschool / PreSchool / Kindergarten program is designed to meet the spiritual, perceptual, motor, social, emotional, behavioral, and language development needs of your child.

Classes are limited to 16 students (14 in our three-year-old classes and kindergarten classes), with a teacher and assistant teacher assigned to each class. In addition to regular classroom teachers, we have a music teacher and a professional storyteller who provides drama and storytelling enrichment activities.

Our Dayschool also has two enrichment centers: the Block and Drama Center and the Music Room.

Our Block and Drama Center

The Block and Drama Center is an activity room with both building and creative play equipment. Large multi-shaped and sized pine blocks are available for creative building of things and places. Sometimes the class goes to the Block Room with a non-structured goal (Build whatever you would like today!) and sometimes the class goes with a group goal (Let's take the plastic zoo animals with us and build a huge zoo with lots of rooms for the animals!).

The Drama Center is the creative play area with housekeeping furniture and equipment, occupation hats and outfits, dolls and accessories, kits for specific play (i.e., hair dresser, birthday party, etc.).

Our Music Room

The Music Room is a center for music and movement activities. The music teacher holds classes 1-2 times weekly with the various classes.


Monthly Curriculum Calendar

For a detailed breakdown of the monthly instruction (Devotional, Seasonal and Character Training) be sure to visit our Curriculum Calendar page.