Registering to Attend KPC Day School - Requirements & Fees

Registration Requirements

In order for a child to attend KPC Day School, the following registration documents must be on file in the school office:
→ Registration Form
→ Application Form
→ Contract
→ Two 3x5 Emergency Cards
→ School Physical Form
→ Parental Agreement Form
→ Class List/Photograph Permission Form
→ Registration and Tuition Payments

We must also see your child's original birth certificate in order to fulfill the state of Virginia's mandate of birth certificate verification. Children are not permitted to attend school until all components of the Registration Package are on file.


Tuitions are based on the annual calendar and are divided into equal monthly payments for convenience. Therefore, there is no tuition reduction for school vacations, snow days, holidays or days absent. Tuition payments are due on the 15th of the previous month of care. For example, September tuition is due by August 15. A tuition reminder notice is placed in the window of the school office during the week tuition payments are due. We have a multiple child discount which is $10.00 off the registration fee for the second child and 10% discount given on the lesser tuition rate.

Checks must be written to KPC Day School (or KPCDS) in order to be accepted. Please write your child's name and teacher's name on the lower left portion of the check. Tuition payments are placed in the tuition box in the school office. Teaching staff does not handle tuition payments. Parents are asked not to mail payments.


Preschool and kindergarten students may stay for care before school begins or beyond the morning school hours at an additional cost per hour. For a small fee, a school lunch may be purchased. Parents sign up for extended care in advance in The Extended Care Sign-up Book in the school office and notify the teacher via written note. Payment is made in the school office on or before the day the extended care is used. A payment slip and envelope are provided. (NOTE: KPC Dayschool reserves the right to deny extended care on any day that child/adult ratios are at risk with additional children.).

Children who attend preschool or kindergarten only and are not picked up by 12:00 PM (preschool) or 1:00 PM M/F and 3:15 PM T/W/Th (kindergarten) are placed in the extended care program for childcare and lunch. Parents are responsible for the cost of the extended care and the meal when the child is picked up.


A late fee of 10% is assessed to tuition payments received after 6:00 PM on the 21st of the month. A late pick-up fee of $1 per minute is assessed at 6:00 PM for each child picked up after 6:00 PM. There is a $30 fee for any returned check. Cash payments may be required if the school receives a returned check.


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